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Teranga Yoga is where you can open your heart and find the beat

  • Hot Yoga

    Hot yoga detoxifies, de-stresses, strengthens and rejuvenates the body & mind.

  • Music

    Music has the power to touch hearts and transform people, from hip hop to Afrobeat to…

  • Teranga

    Teranga means hospitality in Wolof; it means to welcome someone with deep love & respect.

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  • Infrared Heating

    Infrared heating has many health benefits, and heats the body from the inside out for an ultimate detoxifying experience.

  • Practice

    Yoga is about practicing. The more you practice, the more you learn, grow and transform.

  • Broaden Perspectives

    Moving meditation coupled with world music can open your heart and mind to new world perspectives.

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Our Classes

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics

This foundational Yoga Basics class is a great introduction to new practitioners and an opportunity for all yogis to deepen...



Give some love to your hips! This Hip-piness melodic vinyasa class will open your hips, the physical part of the...

Detox Yoga

Detox Yoga

Designed to thoroughly detoxify the body and the mind, this Detox Yoga class encourages you to bend, twist and sweat....

Yang Yin Yoga

Yang Yin Yoga

This harmonious Yang Yin Yoga class is a perfect balance between yang (power) and yin yoga. The first half of...

Hip Hop Yoga

Hip Hop Yoga

Get turnt on your yoga mat with our Hip Hop Yoga class! Feel the beat while you rhythmically flow through...

Candlelit Yin

Candlelit Yin

Let’s dim the lights, light up the candles and find our peace. Designed to target the joints and remodel deep...

Teranga Yoga

Teranga Yoga

In the mindset of Teranga, this Teranga Yoga class is a by-donation class where you will flow to great music...

One Love Flow

One Love Flow

This One Love Flow yoga class synchronizes breath and movement as you flow through a meaningful sequence...

EmPower Yoga

EmPower Yoga

EmPower yoga is a hot, dynamic and vigorous vinyasa practice that connects breath and movement with uplifting world beats...


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