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Our Story

Teranga Yoga‘s mission is to strengthen, awaken and open people’s bodies, hearts and minds through hot yoga + world music, creating powerful agents of change.

Teranga Yoga believes that meaningfully uniting yoga and music can have transformational results on our bodies, as we move with breath and beats; our hearts, as we open ourselves to new languages, cultures, musical traditions and opportunities; and our minds, as we calm its waves through the practice.

Teranga Yoga seeks to empower individuals, broaden perspectives and encourage positive changes within oneself, and consequently the community and the world.

Teranga Yoga envisions a world where people are more aware of the power they hold within to create positive change with the goal of developing a more inclusive, peaceful and loving world.

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees. -B.K.S Iyengar


Reasons to try Teranga Yoga

Music + Yoga

As you meaningfully flow through your practice with music and rhythm, open your heart and find the beat.

First-Time Student Deals

We offer special deals for first-time students so they can explore Teranga Hot Yoga: its different classes, its community and its environment.

Infrared Panels

Infrared light rays penetrate the body and heats it from the inside out for an ultimate detoxifying experience.

Never Ending Support

From your practice to customer service, Teranga Hot Yoga is committed to provide you with the support you need.

Something For Everyone

From power to yin, Teranga Hot Yoga offers a class for everyone. Be curious and discover what is best for you at this moment.

Sense of Community

We seek to create a community of powerful people that can come together and contribute to a better, more peaceful and loving world, starting with oneself.

Our Team



Co-Founder and Yoga Instructor
Africans rhythms deeply inspire my practice and teaching by waking up the inner dance. My classes are fun, challenging, and caring, and I love to flow and work purposefully to increase body heat in order to get a good detoxifying sweat.