Got questions? We have answers!


Are all yoga classes suitable for every level?

Yes. We welcome all levels to all of our yoga classes as modifications and variations are offered, but some classes are more intense than others. Check out class descriptions to determine which class best suits you at this moment.

Foundational Movement is a great class to start your yoga journey as you will learn proper alignment. You learn by doing so be curious and adventurous and we will take care of you ♥

Are your classes heated?

Most of our classes, with the exception of Teranga Yoga by-donation classes, are heated by infrared panels warming the room up to 85°-90°F (29°-33°C).

Although cooler than traditional hot yoga, Teranga Yoga classes will get you sweating as infrared rays heat you up from the inside out for a detoxifying practice.

The heat increases flexibility and contributes to a better cardiovascular workout. Heat is also a great way to peel off the layers and let go of what no longer serves you to leave room for the new.

Is there a set class schedule?

Check out our weekly yoga Schedule page. We also offer workshops and events focused on health, wellness, self-care and more, and you can find more information on our Events page.

What’s the best way to register for a class?

To book your class, use MindBody Online, which allows you to purchase classes and passes. You can access MindBody on your computer or on your phone via this link. You can also come to the studio and register in person.

We offer a special intro pass to new students: 2 weeks for 25$, which will give you the opportunity to explore all the classes we offer.

If you hold a FREE Class Card, come into the studio and we will register you.

How early should I arrive for class?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to register, set up your mat, talk with the instructor and meet new people.

What should I bring?

Bring a mat, a mat towel or towel, water, and an open mind.

Do you rent mats and towels?

We do! We rent mats (2$) and towels ($1) and we sell boxed water.

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable athletic clothes you can sweat and flow in.

Can I share my class package?

While we encourage you to practice with your friends and family, each pass is limited to one person.

What if I get tired?

If you get tired during class, lay down or sit and breathe.

The most important part of your yoga practice is the breath and the ability to listen to your body. Try to stay in the hot room, breathe, hydrate and be in your body and out of your head.

What if I have to leave early?

We encourage all yogis to stay for the duration of the whole class, so plan accordingly. Leaving early can disrupt the class, especially during savasana.

Any other questions?